About Naïmo Dupéré

Naïmo Dupéré is a multi-disciplinary artist from St-Casimir in Québec, Canada. His artistic work has it’s roots mostly in the graffiti scene, his first contact with visual arts. After many years experimenting and forming his own style, he now is a key figure in Montreal’s graffiti scene. He additionally worked on other curating projects with many artists from the local art scene in the past years.

In the past 12 years, Naïmo has been experimenting many different forms and aesthetics of graffiti, from classic New-York lettering to some more abstract and graphical compositions. He has currently been working on a series called “DGTL”, a research on the digital aesthetics applied to painting. His work also extends to the creation of illustrations for craft breweries , murals, clothing, and other various creative projects.